Distribution Release: Simplicity Linux 20.4

  • David Purse has announced the release of Simplicity Linux 20.4, a new stable version of the project’s Devuan-based distribution set with a choice of Cinnamon or LXDE desktop environments: “We are pleased to announce the release of Simplicity Linux 20.4. This time there are four editions, all based on the excellent Buster Dog. First we have ‘Mini’, which uses LXDE and Openbox and runs the 5.6.4 XanMod kernel. As usual with Mini, there isn’t a lot of software pre-installed; instead it uses web-based apps which run as a Chrome instance. We have preinstalled Google Docs, Taiga.io Project Management software, Spotify, Mega, Gmail and Facebook Messenger. For those looking for something with locally based applications, we have ‘Desktop’ which also uses the 5.6.4 XanMod kernel. Unlike Mini, it uses Cinnamon as its desktop. It comes preinstalled with Pidgin, LibreOffice, GIMP, Chrome, Thunderbird, Audacity, Spotify and MPV. The ‘Gaming’ edition uses the Debian Backports 5.4.0 kernel for stability, and it comes with Brave Browser, OBS, Discord, Blacknut Cloud Gaming, Vortex Cloud Gaming, Wine, Steam and Spotify as full local applications.” Here is the complete release announcement. Download (MD5, pkglist): Desktop204.iso (997MB), Gaming204.iso (1,193MB), Mini204.iso (499MB), X204.iso (509MB).

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