Distribution Release: NixOS 20.03

  • The NixOS project has announced the release of NixOS 20.03, the latest stable version of the project’s independently-developed Linux distribution with a unique approach to package and configuration management, as well as a custom package manager called “Nix”: “Release 20.03 ‘Markhor’. In addition to numerous new and upgraded packages, this release has the following highlights: support is planned until the end of October 2020, handing over to 20.09; core version changes - GCC 9.2.0, glibc 2.30, Linux kernel 5.4, Mesa 19.3.3, OpenSSL 1.1.1d; desktop version changes - KDE Plasma 5.17.5, KDE Applications: 19.12.3, GNOME 3.34, Pantheon 5.1.3; Linux kernel is updated to branch 5.4 by default; PostgreSQL for NixOS service now defaults to version 11; the graphical installer image starts the graphical session automatically, before you’d be greeted by a tty and asked to enter systemctl start display-manager; it is now possible to disable the display-manager from running by selecting the ‘Disable display-manager’ quirk in the boot menu.” Read the detailed release notes for further information. Download (SHA256, pkglist): nixos-plasma5-20.03-x86_64-linux.iso (1,188MB), nixos-minimal-20.03-x86_64-linux.iso (540MB), nixos-minimal-20.03-i686-linux.iso (528MB).

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