Distribution Release: Archman GNU/Linux 2020-04

  • Archman GNU/Linux is an Arch Linux-based distribution which features the Calamares system installer and a pre-configured desktop environment. The project’s latest snapshot, version 2020-04, introduces a number of changes to the look of the Xfce desktop and its default icons. “In this release you will see a 70% centered panel at the bottom of the screen. With this panel’s smart hiding feature, the entire screen will be in your use. We also grouped window tasks as icons only in the panel. In this release we have made many cosmetic changes. We set the Papirus icon set aside and decided to use the Surfn Arc icon set. In Archman Sample Files, we put information and visual files about Balıkesir- Manyas which we introduced in this release. We’ve fixed many bugs you’ve detected in earlier release. We have also considered your recommendations. We tried to include your suggestions in this release.” Further details and a list of updated key packages can be found in the distribution’s release announcement. Download (MD5): Archman_Xfce_20200415.iso (1,754MB, pkglist).

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