Distribution Release: Rescatux 0.73

  • Rescatux 0.73, the new stable release of the project’s Debian-based live distribution featuring a graphical wizard for rescuing broken Linux and Windows installations and boot loaders, has been released: “Rescatux 0.73 released. The last stable Rescatux version was released in October 2012 - that’s about eight years ago. Many changes have happened to Rescatux since then. UEFI options, which became mainstream in 2015, have been added. Secure Boot support has been added. Rescapp is now its own program. Rescapp had some serious usability flaws that have been fixed. When you run an option you never knew if it was working OK. Now you have a status for the option. Finally, the complete nightmare of pop-ups that were shown when an option was run have been replaced by nice colour scrolling messages. One of the best improvements has been done recently. Rescapp has been improved so that every option is properly documented. Rescatux 0.73 supports booting from UEFI Secure Boot and traditional BIOS. Both amd64 and i686 systems are supported. What’s new in Rescatux since Rescatux 0.72-beta8: GRUB menu recovers Auto entry; GRUB menu boots into Auto entry in 60 seconds; built source code now includes rescapp and chntpw packages.” Read the detailed release announcement for further information, screenshots and known issues. Download: rescatux-0.73.iso (691MB, MD5, pkglist).

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