BSD Release: FuryBSD 12.1

  • FuryBSD, a desktop-oriented operating system featuring the Xfce and KDE Plasma desktops, has been updated to version 12.1. The ISO images were actually released to SourceForge on March 8, but the release announcement was only published on the project’s website today: “New FuryBSD 12.1 images are available for Xfce and KDE. This new release is now based on FreeBSD 12.1 with the latest FreeBSD quarterly packages. This brings Xfce up to 4.14, and KDE up to 5.17. In addition to updates, these new ISO images mostly address community bugs, community enhancement requests and community pull requests. Changelog: clean-up leftover union dir after install to disk; make sure furybsd-xorg-tool installs the right version for nvidia-driver-390; add nvidia-driver (latest) category to fury-xorg-tool; restore beastie menu and default timeout on live media; add updating documentation; update packages on ISO images to FreeBSD quarterly branch branches/2020Q1; make root mount read write on live image; update ISO image to 12.1 (latest FreeBSD 12.1-p2)…” Download (pkglist): FuryBSD-12.1-KDE-2020030701.iso (3,223MB, MD5), FuryBSD-12.1-XFCE-2020030701.iso (1,719MB, MD5).

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