• Lucas Villa Real has announced the availability of the initial development build of GoboLinux 017, an independently-developed distribution which attempts to redefine the UNIX filesystem hierarchy and turn it into a database-like format. From the release announcement: “This is the first preview of GoboLinux 017. This alpha snapshot is being released primarily so that the new boot process and the installer can be tested ahead of time - this means that the ISO image still features several outdated packages that were carried over from 016.01 (Firefox included). Those will be reviewed and refreshed over the coming weeks. Some of the changes that GoboLinux 017-alpha brings over 016.01 include: incorporation of an Initramfs for improved hardware compatibility; deprecation of Python 2, all GoboLinux tools featured in this ISO image have been ported to Python 3; removal of Libtool ‘.la’ files for better source-based package management; support for the Meson build system on Compile; update toolchain to glibc 2.30, GCC 9.2.0, Binutils 2.33.1, and the kernel to version 5.4.15.” The live ISO image comes with the Awesome window manager. Download (SHA256): GoboLinux-017-alpha-x86_64.iso (1,763MB, torrent, pkglist).

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