Distribution Release: Solus 4.1

  • Solus is a Linux distribution built from scratch. It uses a forked version of the PiSi package manager, maintained as “eopkg” within Solus, and a custom desktop environment called “Budgie”, developed in-house. The project’s latest release is Solus 4.1 which offers many updates and should provide a faster install process thanks to using a different format for compression: “Solus 4.1 is the first ISO release to feature the use of Zstandard (zstd) compression for the SquashFS images. Compared to the xz compressed ISOs from previous releases, the ztsd compressed size is a little bit larger. But as a result, the decompression times are significantly improved (3-4x), leading to a much faster installation process than ever previously achieved. In most cases, you can expect to spend more time filling out the questions in the installation wizard than it will actually take to copy everything to disk. We hope you are just as surprised as we were at just how fast this process has become.” The project’s release announcement offers further details. Download: Solus-4.1-Budgie.iso (1,692MB, SHA256, signature, torrent), Solus-4.1-GNOME.iso (1,873MB, SHA256, signature, torrent), Solus-4.1-MATE.iso (1,662MB, SHA256, signature, torrent), Solus-4.1-Plasma.iso (1,825MB, SHA256, signature, torrent).

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