Development Release: Project Trident Void Beta

  • The Project Trident team have published their second development snapshot which uses Void as its base. Past versions of Project Trident have been based on TrueOS and this new beta snapshot expands the features Trident can provide on its new base. “What is new since the alpha image? Boot environment support for fully-separate datasets and snapshot rollback for boot environments. This is provided by the new zfsbootmenu utility created by Zack Dykstra. It is only configured for EFI-based bootloader support. Legacy-boot systems cannot use boot environments at the present time. User accounts - A single user account is created at installation. For EFI-booted systems, this user home directory is encrypted. It is configured so that logging in to the user account also decrypts the dataset for that user. Logging out locks the user dataset. Encrypted datasets are not supported on legacy-boot systems. Encrypting any ZFS datasets breaks the ability for GRUB to support booting the ZFS pool. A new trident-mkuser utility has been created for making additional user accounts. This utility supports creating encrypted home directories and will be included later as part of the trident-core package. Installer changes… lots of them.” Additional information on the new snapshot can be found in the project’s release announcement. Download (SHA256): Trident-BETA-netinstall-x86_64.iso (515MB, signature, pkglist).

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