• Feren OS, a desktop Linux distribution based on Linux Mint, has been updated to version 2019.12. This is the project’s first release featuring KDE Plasma desktop by default, although a separate “Classic” edition with Cinnamon is also available. From the release announcement: “Today I am proud to announce the release of Feren OS December 2019 Snapshot, code-named ‘Yttrium’. This is one of the biggest snapshots in the history of Feren OS. The first and most important change in this snapshot is the move to KDE Plasma. This means that Feren OS now has a completely different desktop environment to what it had before. KDE Plasma is an extremely stable and lightweight desktop environment in Feren OS, and it has way more support from the community since it’s one of the major desktop environments available in Linux. The default Feren OS theme has had a bunch of minor visual tweaks. The most noticeable tweak is that menus are now dark and transparent rather than white and opaque. This, alongside Plasma’s blur effect, makes the desktop look way more sleek by default.” Download (MD5) links (pkglist): Feren OS x64.iso (1,841MB), Feren OS x64 Classic.iso (1,815MB), Feren OS x32 Classic.iso (1,778MB).

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