Distribution Release: ArcoLinux 19.12.15

  • Erik Dubois has announced the release of ArcoLinux 19.12.15, a new stable version of the project’s Arch-based distribution featuring Xfce as the default desktop. This release brings the latest Calamares installer with several new modules: “Calamares 3.2.16 - beginning of November 2019 Calamares released a new version, we are using this version on our 19.12 release. We have added the possibility to install the NVIDIA driver to the ISO image. If you select the box on the NVIDIA page with an internet connection it will install nvidia, nvidia-settings, nvidia-utils. There is currently no support for the 390x driver. This needs to be installed manually. We had a separate script to build LTS ISO images - this resulted in 64 ISO images. Because of the new module we went from 64 to 35 ISO images. Every ISO image can potentially install an LTS kernel. You will need internet to get it installed. If there is no internet, the LTS kernel will not be installed and installation will finish with the standard Linux kernel.” Read the rest of the release announcement for more information and screenshots. Download (pkglist): arcolinux-v19.12.15.iso (1,970MB, MD5). Additionally, ArcoLinuxD (a minimal distribution with scripts that enable power users to install any desktop and application) and ArcoLinuxB (a set of community editions with many popular desktops and window managers) are also available.

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