Distribution Release: Archman GNU/Linux 2020-11-12

  • Kararlı Sürüm Hazır has announced the release of Archman GNU/Linux 2020-11-12, a new version of the project’s Arch-based distribution with the latest version of KDE Plasma as the preferred desktop. The developers of the distribution rotate the default desktop environment depending on the release, using Deepin, GNOME, KDE Plasma or Xfce. This is the first release or Archman GNU/Linux with KDE Plasma since February 2020. Some of the changes and package upgrades include: Linux kernel 5.9.8, Plasma Desktop 5.20.3, Plasma Framework 5.75.0, Qt 5.15.1, Pamac-aur 9.15.2, Archman Settings Manager 0.5.5, Calamares installer 3.2.33, Firefox 82.0.3; new Calamares slides and Archman wallpapers; latest drivers including some unsupported ones; AUR and Multilib repositories now enabled by default. The release announcement (in Turkish) provides further information, screenshots and upgrade instructions. The new release, supporting both Turkish and English languages, is available for download from SourceForge: Archman-kde-2020-11-12-x86_64.iso (2,186MB, MD5, pkglist).

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