Distribution Release: Proxmox 1.0 "Backup Server"

  • Proxmox is a commercial company offering specialised products based on Debian. The company has published their first stable release of Proxmox Backup Server, which carries the version number 1.0. “Proxmox Backup Server is an enterprise backup solution, for backing up and restoring virtual machines, containers, and physical hosts. With key features like incremental backups, deduplication, Zstandard compression, and authenticated encryption (AE), Proxmox Backup Server ensures that protecting your most valuable data is quick and effortless. With strong encryption and methods of ensuring data integrity, backing up data is safe, even to targets which are not fully trusted. Moreover, the available range of access control options means that you can offer a lot of flexibility for users, while retaining tight control of the system. Proxmox Backup Server is easy to manage, offering both command line and web-based user interfaces, and is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3 (GNU AGPL, v3).” Further information can be found in the company’s release announcement and in the release notes. Download: proxmox-backup-server_1.0-1.iso (616MB, SHA256, pkglist).

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