• The UBports team have announced the launch of Ubuntu Touch 16.04 OTA-14, the latest version of the project’s mobile operating system. The new version introduces support for more devices, updates driver and hardware support, and a number of interface improvements were made: “At the beginning of each development cycle, we decide what our main focus for the cycle is going to be. For OTA-14, we chose to focus on Android 9 support. We believe this will help power the launch of our sponsor’s Volla Phone delivering it as a daily driver into the hands of its new recipients. This was largely a success: We were able to fix issues with swiping apps away to close them, Ratchanan did quite a number on camera support, and external display support with HardwareComposer2 now works. Given the OTA-14 development cycle was only 34 days, we believe this was a huge success. That’s not all, though: Outside of our team’s ‘new development’ commitments, we also merged many changes and translations from our volunteer community.” Additional information can be found in the project’s release announcement. A list of supported devices and download options can be found on the project’s Devices page.

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