• Andreas Wacknitz has announced the release of OpenIndiana 2020.10, the latest version of the project’s community effort to keep alive the OpenSolaris distribution and its many popular technologies, such as ZFS, DTrace or Zones. This version updates the MATE desktop environment to version 1.24: “After almost 6 months of development, we have released the new OpenIndiana ‘Hipster’ snapshot 2020.10 right on time on October 31st, 2020. Some of the noticeable changes are: after BHyVe has been upstreamed into illumos-gate, we automatically got it and we were able to supply this with a bhyve branded zone for OpenIndiana; FreeRDP and Remmina have been added; the Squeak Virtual Machine (v4, v5 and v5 Cog) have been added and so it’s possible to run older and newer versions of Squeak Smalltalk and also Cuis Smalltalk on OpenIndiana; MATE, our main desktop environment, has been updated to 1.24; GCC 10 has been added; a buch of other packages have also been updated.” See the release announcement and the release notes for further information. Download (pkglist): OI-hipster-gui-20201031.iso (1,598MB, SHA256), OI-hipster-minimal-20201031.iso (345MB, SHA256).

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