Distribution Release: Parted Magic 2020_10_12

  • Parted Magic, a live disc utility for managing disks and partitions as well as rescuing data has released a new version which introduces two major changes. The first is the graphical interface has migrated from Openbox to Xfce and the second is Parted Magic is now a 64-bit distribution. “Desktop is now Xfce and you can configure the crap of it now with GUIs and use the save session. The NVIDIA drivers are used by default. This was a big gain moving to 64-bit. Lots of program requests that were not possible or problematic because of the 32-bit system are now included. LibreOffice, Wireshark, Keepassxc, VLC, etc. This should put a smile on a lot of faces: international language support and man pages have returned. All languages supported by Linux should be available. Not a cherry picking of a few European countries. Ibus is also included. You’ll see the new entry in the boot menu to get this going. The downside: the ISO is now 1.5GB. I found some old laptops and tested the bigger Parted Magic. The one with 2GB of RAM worked just fine in live mode. Another one with 4GB ran just fine from RAM. Even the cheapest computers made in the last 10 years can still run this.” Further information can be found on the project’s news page. The new version of Parted Magic can be purchased and downloaded from the distribution’s online store.

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