Development Release: FreeBSD 12.2-RC1

  • Glen Barber has announced that the first release candidate for FreeBSD 12.2 is now ready for testing. This will be followed by two more release candidates before the expected final release on 27 October: “The first RC build of the 12.2-RELEASE release cycle is now available. Note regarding arm SD card images. For the convenience of those without console access to the system, a freebsd user with a password of freebsd is available by default for ssh(1) access. Additionally, the root user password is set to root. It is strongly recommended to change the password for both users after gaining access to the system. A summary of changes since 12.2-BETA3 includes: OpenSSL 1.1.1h has been merged; a fix for UFS hash checking had been added; a fix for mmap’d writes in fusefs for writes in direct_io mode had been addressed; Amazon EC2 AMIs for arm64 have been updated to include ebsvnme-id; a fix to NFSv4.1 addressing a locking issue had been addressed; other miscellaneous bug fixes.” Read the release announcement and the release notes (still a work-in-progress) for further details. Download: FreeBSD-12.2-RC1-amd64-disc1.iso (918MB, SHA512), FreeBSD-12.2-RC1-i386-disc1.iso (762MB, SHA512).

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