Distribution Release: Zorin OS 15.3

  • Zorin OS is an Ubuntu-based distribution which features themes which are designed to imitate other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows. The project’s latest release is Zorin OS 15.3 which provides updated hardware compatibility, refreshed software for connecting with Android devices, and an updated version of LibreOffice. “Many of the built-in system technologies have seen improvements for better security, compatibility, and performance. Zorin OS 15.3 is now powered by the Linux kernel version 5.4 - the same version as in Ubuntu 20.04. In addition to performance, stability, and security improvements, it brings support for more hardware such as Intel’s newly-announced 11th generation Core processors, upcoming AMD processors & GPUs, and other peripherals. This means that Zorin OS will ‘just work’ with even more computers and devices.” Further details can be found in the distribution’s release announcement. Download (MD5, pkglist): Zorin-OS-15.3-Core-64-bit.iso (2,253MB), Zorin-OS-15.3-Lite-64-bit.iso (2,285MB), Zorin-OS-15.3-Education-64-bit.iso (4,332MB).

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