Distribution Release: Linux From Scratch 10.0

  • Linux From Scratch (LFS) is a project that provides you with the steps necessary to build your own custom Linux system. The project has announced a new version of its instructional handbook, Linux From Scratch 10.0, along with additional steps to create a more feature-rich distribution called Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS). The release announcement reads: “The Linux From Scratch community announces the release of LFS Version 10.0. This version of the book has undergone a major reorganization. It uses enhanced cross-compilation techniques and an environment isolated from the host system to build tools for the final system. This reduces both the chance for changing the the host system and the potential of the host system influencing the LFS build process. Major package updates include toolchain versions glibc-2.32, gccc-10.2.0, and binutils-2.35. In total, 37 packages were updated since the last release. The Linux kernel has also been updated to version 5.8.3.” The main LFS volume uses SysV init while there is an alternative version which uses systemd. The LFS handbook can be read on-line in HTML format or downloaded as a PDF. Access links: LFS (pkglist)- 10.0 (HTML), 10.0 (PDF), 10.0-systemd (HTML), 10.0-systemd (PDF), BLFS (pkglist) - BLFS-10.0 (HTML), 10.0-systemd (HTML).

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