Distribution Release: BunsenLabs Linux Lithium

  • The BunsenLabs development team has announced the release of BunsenLabs Linux Lithium, a major new version from the project that offers a lightweight and customisable Linux distribution based on Debian’s “stable” branch and featuring the Openbox window manager: “BunsenLabs Linux is pleased to announce Lithium, the latest release of our Debian stable (currently ‘Buster’) derivative. Core components include the Openbox window manager, tint2, a highly configurable panel, and jgmenu - a menu replacement for the Openbox menu, featuring menu auto-updating when new applications are installed and type-to-search for finding apps in the menu. Some major features of BunsenLabs Lithium: new dark default theme, featuring custom-colored Papirus icons; more modularity and flexibility, eg. the BunsenLabs session can coexist with a default Openbox or Xfce session; Openbox can be replaced with another window manager and keep BunsenLab’s auto-started apps, menu and key bindings…” See the release announcement and release notes for further information. Download (SHA256, signature, pkglist): lithium-1-amd64.hybrid.iso (1,219MB, signature, torrent), lithium-1-cd-i386.hybrid.iso (651MB, signature, torrent).

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