Distribution Release: SparkyLinux 5.12

  • SparkyLinux, a Debian-based distribution with multiple desktop editions, has published a new release based on Debian’s Stable branch. The new version, SparkyLinux 5.12, updates the kernel and several desktop packages. The Otter web browser has been removed in favour of Epiphany. “Changes between 5.11 and 5.12: System upgraded from Debian Stable repos as of July 5, 2020. Linux kernel 4.19.118. Firefox 68.10.0esr. Thunderbird 68.9.0. VLC 3.0.11. LibreOffice 6.1.5. Otter Browser replaced by Epiphany Browser (MinimalGUI). Added Openbox Noir to the desktop list to be installed as a choice (via MinimalGUI and MinimalCLI and APTus). ‘debi-tool’ replaced by ‘gdebi’. Disabled package list updating during installing Sparky via Calamares; even you install Sparky with active Internet connection, the Debian or Sparky server can be temporary off, so it could stop the installation.” Further information and upgrade instructions for existing users can be found in the project’s release announcement. Download (pkglist): sparkylinux-5.12-x86_64-xfce.iso (1,239MB, SHA512, signature, torrent), sparkylinux-5.12-x86_64-lxqt.iso (1,354MB, SHA512, signature, torrent).

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