Distribution Release: openSUSE 15.2

  • The openSUSE team have announced the release of openSUSE 15.2. Th new release updates desktop packages, improves detection of other operating systems at install time, and includes a number of new container and machine learning tools. “Several exciting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning packages are added in Leap 15.2. Tensorflow: A framework for deep learning that can be used by data scientists, provide numerical computations and data-flow graphs. Its flexible architecture enables users to deploy computations to one or more CPUs in a desktop, server, or mobile device without rewriting code. PyTorch: Made for both server and compute resources, this machine learning library accelerates power users’ ability to prototype a project and move it to a production deployment. ONNX: An open format built to represent machine learning models, provides interoperability in the AI tool space. It enables AI developers to use models with a variety of frameworks, tools, runtimes, and compilers.” Further details can be found in the project’s release announcement and in the wiki. The distribution can be downloaded as a full install image, a minimal network install, or as a live disc. Download (pkglist): openSUSE-Leap-15.2-DVD-x86_64-Current.iso (4,089MB, SHA256), openSUSE-Leap-15.2-NET-x86_64-Current.iso (138MB, SHA256).

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