Distribution Release: Zenwalk 15.0-200703a

  • Zenwalk Linux is a Slackware Linux-based, desktop-origented distribution. The project’s latest release provides users with the Xfce 4.14 desktop and Flatpak support. PAM support, imported from Slackware’s development branch, is available available. “Once a year, Zenwalk Current is considered stable enough for a “milestone” release, here’s Zenwalk 15 milestone 2020. Based on Slackware Current July 2020, Zenwalk 15 milestone 2020 is fully compatible. As usual, the goal is to provide fast simple setup, refined desktop, selection of the best apps, ease of use, with full respect of the Slackware philosophy. The news items are: New Xfce desktop based on the latest Xfce 4.14+ with many tweaks providing the widest possible workspace for modern full HD displays. Introduction of Flatpak support for installing any application from Flathub or GNOME Desktop. New rewritten Netpkg package manager for instant access to thousand of packages from the Slackware community, and keep the system up to date with one liner command. PAM authentication system thanks to upstream. Kernel 5.4.50…” Further details can be found in the project’s release announcement. Download: zenwalk-current-15.0-200703a.iso (1,192MB, MD5, pkglist).

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