Distribution Release: Robolinux 11.02

  • John Martinson has announced the release of Robolinux 11.02, an upgraded build of the project’s Ubuntu-based distribution which integrates VirtualBox to run various guest operating systems within the main host. Despite the bump in the version number, the new release of Robolinux is still based on Ubuntu 18.04; its major new feature is an option to purchase a commercial application called “Untracker” which updates a computer’s MAC address at every reboot or at selected intervals: “The Robolinux ‘Untracker’ series 11 operating systems also come with an entirely new set of modern icons. After extensive Ubuntu 20.04 code base testing we found that it was not stable enough to use at this time, so the Robolinux Series 11 versions are built around the robust Ubuntu 18.04 code base with an upgraded 5.3 Linux kernel which provides users with the newest hardware drivers and other important upgrades. The most important and useful feature of our new Series 11 release is the built-in Robo Untracker which makes it impossible for a PC or laptop to be contact-traced or tracked because it automatically changes all of your MAC addresses every time you reboot.” Read the full release announcement for more details. Download (MD5, pkglist): robolinux64-cinnamon-v11.02.iso (3,257MB), robolinux64-mate3d-v11.02.iso (3,087MB), robolinux-xfce-v11.02.iso (2,249MB).

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