Distribution Release: Rescuezilla 1.0.6

  • Shasheen Ediriweera has announced the release of Rescuezilla 1.0.6, developed by a project which has given a new life to the abandoned “Redo Backup & Restore” distribution. The 64-bit edition of Rescuezilla 1.0.6 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, while the 32-bit variant is still derived from Ubuntu 18.04; both flavours feature tools for backing up and rescuing individual files or complete operating systems through a simple user interface. From the changelog: "Version 1.0.6 (2020-06-17). Added 64-bit edition (this fixes the slow transfer rates issue on systems with more than 16GB of RAM); added support for booting on EFI-only machines (including with Secure Boot enabled, 64-bit only); switched ISOLINUX bootloader to GRUB affecting all boot approaches: BIOS, EFI and CD-ROM; upgraded OS base to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS ‘Focal’ from 18.04 LTS ‘Bionic’ (64-bit only); Ubuntu 20.04 has dropped 32-bit edition, so Rescuezilla 32-bit remains based on Ubuntu 18.04; fixed issue preventing backup/restore of partitions smaller than typically 40MB; fixed broken GRUB backup affecting some 1MB-aligned file systems on MBR-formatted disks… Please visit the project’s home page at Rescuezilla.com for a complete list of features, screenshots and other useful information. Download links: rescuezilla-1.0.6-64bit.iso (757MB), rescuezilla-1.0.6-32bit.iso (667MB).

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