Distribution Release: EasyOS 2.3

  • Barry Kauler has announced the release of EasyOS 2.3, the latest stable version of the project’s experimental Linux distribution derived from Puppy Linux. The new release continues to draw packages from the Debian 10 “Buster” repositories, although it uses a newer kernel (version 5.4.40): “Version 2.3 is built with 10.4 DEBs, and there are significant infrastructure and utility/application improvements: built with Debian ‘Buster’ 10.4 DEB packages; Linux kernel version 5.4.40; Gpptp VPN network connection tool fixed; improvements and fixes for EasyDD; major overhaul of Ethernet connection logic; SeaMonkey version 2.53.2, with ChatZilla, profile workaround; ffplay-gtk media player improved; mtPaint version 3.49.27 and bug fixes; MoManager updated, translation separation from EasyPup; Rxvt-unicode instability fixed; extra b43 firmware. EasyOS uses NetworkManager by default and one user of 2.2.16 reported Ethernet not being detected and no IP lease obtained at first boot-up. This has resulted in considerable redesign of Ethernet detection, with, hopefully, fallbacks to catch situations where NetworkManager seems to be failing.” Read the release announcement and the release notes for further information. Download: easy-2.3-amd64.img.gz (515MB, MD5, pkglist). Separate images with support for French and German languages are also available.

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