Distribution Release: Redcore Linux 2004

  • Redcore Linux, a Gentoo-based distribution featuring the KDE Plasma desktop environment and pre-built binary packages, has published a new version. The latest release is Redcore Linux 2004 “Neptune” which features new kernel versions, rebuilt packages with an updated tool chain, and swaps out SysV init for OpenRC’s init software. “After 9 months of development, I’m happy to announce Redcore Linux Hardened 2004 (codename Neptune) is finally here. Alongside hundreds of package updates and way to many bugfixes to count, this release will make the maintenance of the system much more easy. Many previously over-complicated tasks have been greatly simplified. As an example, the installation of NVIDIA proprietary drivers is now only 1 step process, down from 8. Changelog:resync with Gentoo testing tree on 14.05.2020; Linux kernel 5.6.13 hardened, as default (with Wireguard enabled); Linux kernel LTS 5.4.41 hardened available in repository; Linux kernel LTS Legacy 4.19.123 hardened available in repository; toolchain has been updated with glibc 2.30, gcc 9.3.0, binutils 2.34, llvm 10.0.0; a mass rebuild has been triggered, all packages have been rebuilt with the new toolchain; OpenRC-init is now PID1, replacing SysV init.” Further details can be found in the distribution’s release announcement. Download: Redcore.Linux.Hardened.2004.KDE.amd64.iso (3,430MB, SHA256, pkglist).

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