Distribution Release: UBports 16.04 OTA-12

  • The UBports team has published an update to their mobile operating system. The new version, 16.04 OTA-12 introduces a new version of the Lomiri (formerly Unity8) user interface and Mir now supports working with Wayland clients. “The headline feature of this new release is our import of Canonical’s final changes to Unity8. This is a transition that started in April of 2019 and has brought many new features. As an Ubuntu Touch user, you’ll be seeing the effects of the revision right away – the Ubuntu Touch ‘home screen’, the Unity8 Dash, has now been replaced by a blank background, with the Drawer serving as the new app list. The new version of Unity8 performs extensive self-tests, helping us to avoid introducing new bugs or triggering old ones again. Unity8 is now called Lomiri, though the code naming is only being updated slowly to reflect this. Most importantly for us, we upgraded from Mir 0.24, released back in 2015, to Mir 1.2, released in 2019. This newer version of Mir features support for Wayland clients!” Further details can be found in the project’s release announcement. A list of supported devices and download options can be found on the project’s Devices page.

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