• Zebradots Software has announced the release of Redo Rescue 3.0.0, a major new build of the project’s specialist distribution designed for bare metal backups and system restoration tasks. This version upgrades the underlying operating system to Debian 10: "This release marks a major milestone as we upgrade to the Debian 10 base system for ISO images. This means expanded hardware support, UEFI images with Secure Boot, more recent binaries for Partclone and all other included tools. Non-free linux firmware is not enabled by default, but the option to add it can be changed in the make file. Changes in this release are limited only to upgrading the base operating system. As of this release, the application itself remains identical to the 2.0.7 release. The 2.0.x series based on Debian 9 will continue to exist as a stable release, but will not receive future updates (unless a major bug is discovered). Other changes: beautiful new GRUB-based bootloader theme with dynamic screen layout; language selection menu for future multiple language support; no application changes; release is strictly to upgrade base system. Here is the complete release announcement as published on the project’s GitHub page. Download: redorescue-3.0.0.iso (474MB).

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